3 New ‘Harry Potter’ Pop! Vinyls Coming In March 2019

UPDATE: It’s Quidditch World Cup Ginny, Fred and George Weasley!

Funko will release 3 new Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figures at the Emerald City Comic Con convention in March 2019. The new figures will be released as a convention exclusive 3-pack.

There’s no word yet on which characters will be included in the (likely) first 2019 ‘Potter’ release from Funko, but Pop! figures unveiled at ECCC usually have a “green” theme. Read on for our theories!


1. The trio at the Quidditch World Cup

Harry, Ron and Hermione Quidditch World Cup Mystery Mini Series 3 Are we off to the Quidditch World Cup in the ECCC 3-pack? These ‘Mystery Mini’ figures might be a clue.

2018 was certainly a Chamber of Secrets heavy year for Funko. Could 2019 be a Goblet of Fire year? Funko recently unveiled series 3 of the “Mystery Mini” range which includes Harry, Ron and Hermione at the Quidditch World Cup.

There’s definitely a big possibility that we’ll see these figures in Pop! Vinyl form come March.


2. Fred, George and Ginny Weasley

Fred, George and Ginny Weasley at the Quidditch World Cup There's lots of Irish-flavoured green in the Weasley Quidditch World Cup outfits.

This one might be a little more obscure, but there’s certainly a lot of Irish-inspired green in Fred, George and Ginny’s Quidditch World Cup outfits. Could this be a 3-pack candidate too?

3. Draco, Crabbe and Goyle

Draco Malfoy with henchmen Crabbe and Goyle 3-pack potential: Draco Malfoy with baddies Crabbe and Goyle

We’ve already got a couple of Draco Malfoy figures, but a 3-pack of Draco and cronies Crabbe and Goyle (who are yet to exist in Funko world) in their Slytherin robes would make a nice addition to the ‘Potter’ lineup.

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4. Stinksap!

Neville covers his friends in stinksap Our favourite characters covered in stinksap would make a wild ECCC 3-pack!

We’ve saved the wildest guess for last. Could we see 3 of our heroes covered in lurid green stinksap come March? This would be a pretty wild Order of the Phoenix throwback, but something that would look great in Funko form.

Will the new 3-pack be ‘Harry Potter’ #70?

We don’t yet know what numbers the new figures will be. Our best guess is that they’ll be individually numbered and probably figures #83, #84 and #85. Alternatively, the 3-pack might the missing #70. Time will tell!


Who do you think will be included in the 2019 Emerald City Comic Con 3-pack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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