Is ‘Harry Potter’ Pop! #70 A 10″ Super Sized Hedwig?

A 10″ super sized version of Hedwig might be just around the corner. 2018 has already seen two Hedwig Pop! figures hit shelves — both a regular and flocked edition — and a super sized figure might be soon to follow.

A 10-inch super sized Hedwig Pop! prototype A 10-inch version of Hedwig might be on the way. Photo: @dis.pops on Instagram.

Instagram user @dis.pops came across a photo of a 10″ Hedwig which had been, “found in scraps at the [Funko] factory”. Given this prototype Hedwig looks almost identical to the standard sized version, it might mean the Pop! is very close to an official release.


Although speculation, a 10″ Hedwig could be Pop! #70 in the Harry Potter line — a number which Funko has skipped to date. It might also be a Target exclusive as the retail giant exclusively stocks a 10″ version of Dobby.

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