Trelawney, Fleur, Krum and Fawkes to kick off wave 6 of ‘Harry Potter’ Pop! Vinyls in 2019

UPDATE: The new figures have been revealed!

According to Funko Pop News, wave 6 of Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figures will kick off with a bunch of new faces:

  • Professor Trelawney
  • Fleur Delacour (Yule Ball)
  • Viktor Krum (Yule Ball)
  • Harry Potter (Yule Ball)
  • Ginny Weasley (Yule Ball)
  • Fawkes the Phoenix
Wave 6 of Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls (2019)

While this is yet to be confirmed by Funko, a range of Goblet of Fire Pop! figures does seem likely. No release date has been announced for wave 6, but somewhere between May-August seems likely.

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