Frequently Asked Questions

What are Funko Pop! Vinyls?

#42 Harry Potter (Marauder’s Map) A Harry Potter Funko Pop! Vinyl (#42)

Pop! Vinyls are a line of vinyl pop culture figures/bobbleheads produced by Funko Inc. The Harry Potter collection has been in production since 2015. The Fantastic Beasts line has been in production since 2016.

The standard Pop! Vinyl figure is 3.75″ tall but some characters/creatures in the Potter/Beasts line are larger/smaller.

What are exclusive Pop! Vinyls?

Specific figures (either unique molds or variations on existing figures) are often exclusive to conventions (like San Diego Comic-Con) or retailers (such as Barnes & Noble). While exclusive, these figures can usually be sourced online (e.g. Amazon/eBay) and through additional pop culture distributors (e.g. Popcultcha).

Exclusive and variation (see below) Pop! Vinyl figures are usually rarer than standard Pop! figures.

#67 Sirius Black (Black and White) (Chase Edition) #67 Sirius Black (Azkaban) regular and chase edition

Chase Edition? Flocked? Glow In The Dark? Super Sized?

Funko Pop! Vinyl figures are produced with a number of variations:

Chase editions are rarer than regular Pop! Vinyl figures, and are produced in limited supply. Chase editions are usually a variation (such as the colour/finish/prop) of a common Pop!.

Example: #14 Newt Scamander (Book).

Super Sized figures are larger than the standard Pop! Vinyl. Super Sized figures are either 6″ or 10″.

Example: #07 Rubeus Hagrid.

Like the name suggests, these Pop! Vinyl figures can glow in the dark.

Example: #62 Nearly Headless Nick.

Flocked Pop! Vinyl figures have a light furry or fuzzy coating.

Example: #26 Fwooper.

Invisible Pop! Vinyl figures are translucent.

Example: #11 Demiguise.

These Pop! Vinyl figures are sepia (reddish-brown) tinted.

Example: #60 Tom Riddle.

These Pop! Vinyl figures are black and white.

Example: #67 Sirius Black.

These Pop! Vinyl figures are sold as part of a 3-pack.

Example: #23 Cornish Pixie, #24 Mandrake, #25 Grindylow.

Movie Moments depict an iconic scene from the films.

Example: #82 Ron Weasley (Riding Chess Piece).

These Pop! Vinyl figures are larger than the standard figure and include a character and film location.

Example: #139 Ginny Weasley (With Flourish & Blotts).

How do I get a chase edition?

Some vendors will sell the chase edition separately, usually at a significantly higher cost. Otherwise, it’s luck of the draw. Good luck!

What is a pre-release figure?

Pre-release figures (like our Horcrux destroying friend Neville Longbottom) are exclusive to a particular retailer (e.g. Barnes & Noble) prior to a general release.

Where’s Arthur and Molly Weasley? Kingsley Shacklebolt? Lavendar Brown? Where are Lily and James!

Funko release new Pop! Vinyl figures multiple times per year. Additionally, convention exclusives are released in conjunction with the major pop culture conventions (see below). Stay tuned to the home page for the latest figure reveals.

I’m sure I’ve seen other Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls not listed in the checklist?

Well spotted! We’ve cataloged every figure in both the standard Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts lines, but this doesn’t include figures in other Funko lines with their own numbered chronology. These include non-numbered 3-packs, Rides and Town releases. Never fret, here’s a list of all those additional figures released to date:

Additional Harry Potter Funko figures not in the standard numbered list Some of the additional Harry Potter Funko figures not in the standard numbered list

How often are new waves of Pop! figures released?

New Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl figures are released in multiple waves per year. Exclusive figures are often revealed or released during the big pop culture conventions: New York Toy Fair (February), Emerald City Comic Con (March), San Diego Comic-Con (July) and New York Comic-Con (October).

What on earth is going on with #103 and #104?

We’re glad you asked! The short answer is we have no idea. For some inexplicable reason Funko skipped #103 in the Harry Potter line. Given the number of figures released since then we can only assume this is a mistake and we’ll never see a #103.

This theory is further boosted by the (annoying) fact that we have two figures released with the number #104: Patronus (Harry Potter) and Buckbeak. (To make things even more confusing there are two Buckbeak variations with the same number: one with orange eyes and another with black eyes.) Confused yet?

I’m looking for a particular Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts Pop! Vinyl and I can’t find it anywhere!

Get in touch and we’ll try and point you in the right direction 😊.

Where can I find a list of retailer exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures?

Follow these links to browse all retailer exclusive Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts Pop! Vinyls:

How can I make sure I’m buying an authentic Pop!?

Buying Pop! Vinyl figures from reputable websites (Amazon, Popcultcha etc.) and through retailer websites or physical stores is very safe. eBay is generally fine too, but you should be careful when buying rarer figures (like chase editions).

Check the seller’s feedback and be aware of generic stock photography. Look for authentic stickers on the packaging and check for an official stamp on the figure’s foot. This website has a really useful guide to spotting fakes.

Who made this website?

Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls ( is an unofficial guide to the ever expanding Funko! Pop Vinyl universe created by Harry Potter Fan Zone (@hpfz).

Harry Potter Fan Zone is one of the largest Harry Potter fan websites on the web, and has been a trusted source of ‘Potter’ news and exclusives since 2003. Harry Potter Fan Zone is one of only a handful of fan sites to win the prestigious J.K. Rowling ‘Fan Site Award’ 🏆.

Harry Potter Fan Zone is based in Australia 🇦🇺.

You can get in contact with us on Twitter at @hppopvinyls or @hpfz, via Facebook, or by email.

Where do the the graphics and content on this website come from?

All graphics and content on this site are original creations, with the exception of the Pop! Vinyl character glam shots and box art which are the property of Funko (and used only for promotional purposes).

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